Taylor says - Rozay: Classic pumps with a twist

Taylor Says Rozay sexy high heel pumps

You know I love Taylor Says. And with their newest collection came another piece of art, the Rozay. As a sexy twist on the classic pumps shape this heel is just gorgeous. Combining the elegant look with the exclusive snake texture is a great choice.

With these beauties on your feet you will stand on a solid 1.5 inch platform and a sky-scraping 5.75 inch stiletto. You better know how to walk in heels!

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Kendall and Kylie - Elena 3: The Ripoff

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Elena 3 sandals

You may have heard that Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the uber famous social media and reality tv stars are now namesake for their own line of shoes. Naturally, I looked at their collection and picked the most beautiful pair: The Elena 3.

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London Trash - Monsta: Badass times two

London Trash Monsta gorgeous platform booties

May I present the Monsta by London Trash. Just look at these gorgeous booties. Perfect shape, sexy skyhigh 7 inch stiletto heel, gorgeous 2 inch platform, colored soles and just really really badass. Nobody will stand in your way when you wear them but everybody will wish it would be them wearing your shoes.

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LFL - Cage: The summer party heels

LFL Cage sexy red patent sandals

These sexy sandals are called Cage by Lust for Life. Just right for the coming summer they feature a gorgeous caged upper in flashy coral patent leather. Did I say patent leather?

Oh yes, you know how much I like patent leather and this is the perfect occasion to get a stylish high heel in this sublime material.


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GX - Macayla: The elegant Hippie Sandals

GX Macayla sexy high heel hippie sandals

These gorgeous sandals just spell leisure time. Imagine how you finish work, step out of the office and change into these elegant hippie sandals. The Macayla by GX will immediately give you a feeling of freedom. Perfect for beautiful days outside or at the beach these sandals are the perfect crossover of 70ies free spirit style and elegant colors. What's even better: These special sandals come with a great bonus which you will see later.

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5 Gorgeous Sandals for Valentines Day

Five gorgeous single sole sandals for valentines day

I bet you've got a gread date lined up for Valentines Day (if you don't, read the end of the article, I will tell you a secret) and I bet you want to show your boyfriend that you're still the same sexy woman he fell in love with. And I even bet that you know exactly how to do that because you are a natural. As a natural you know that this occasion calls for high heels.


But Valentines Day is not an ordinary day. Valentines Day has to be special. So you won't be wearing the normal clubbing heels. You will wear elegant shoes. And what's more elegant than single sole stiletto sandals? Well this is exactly what you will get here.

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Liliana - Trekkie: The Party Sandals

Liliana Trekkie sexy high heel sandals

As you are walking you look down at your feet. You just can't take your eyes off these beauties. The perfect contrast of pink to black is just so incredibly sexy. Walking on these 6 inch high heels makes you feel powerful and the tapping sound of the stilettos bolsters your confidence even more.


Dressing up is so rewarding. It just fills you with a great mood and it always pays to feel good. Even if it's only for the girl's night out. Like this, your evenings always turn out legendary and you feel on top of the world.


The bouncer notices your arrival and opens the door for you. "There's nothing like the charm of a well dressed lady", you think as you give him a warm smile and enter.

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High Heel of the Year Award

The Heels Blog heel of the year trophy

Update: The poll is over, you have decided!


Before I give you the much anticipated winner I would like to thank you all for participating in this vote. It is great how successfull this vote was on social media and I especially love all the comments on this blog as well.

Thank you, I couldn't have done it on my own.


It was a hard fight for the first two places while the third was a little bit behind but nevertheless a well deserved third.


Allright, now, what you have all come for: The announcement of the winners.

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